CONTEST: Guess how much we’ll all be gouged by gas prices and win three months of free Telenav service!


Hey, look – gas prices keep going up! How about that? We can’t save you any money on gas but we can give you three free months of TeleNav GPS service on your cell phone. There’s a feature that finds cheap gas in your nearby vicinity, too. Hey, I guess we CAN save you money on gas in a roundabout way. Here’s more info…

TeleNav GPS Navigator includes access to updated gas prices for thousands of local gas stations around the country. You can quickly search for the cheapest gas in your area and get GPS turn-by-turn directions there. Gas prices are listed in the Business Finder directory under "Gas by Price."

Sounds easy enough, right? Here’s how the contest will work

Leave a comment with a guess at what the June 30th national average price for regular-grade gasoline will be (it’s currently $4.082 as of Monday, see the chart above). Make sure to use your actual e-mail address in the comment form so we can contact you if you win. The three geniuses with the closest guesses will each win three months of TeleNav GPS service for use on their cell phones. If you comment more than once, we’ll use your most recent comment for the contest.

Guessing ends at 11:59 PM EDT one week from today, Wednesday, June 25th. Winners will be contacted soon after the new national averages are released on the Energy Information Administration’s web site on Monday, June 30th. Make sure to add that extra decimal place to your guess to ensure you get as close as possible.

So to reiterate: Get your guess in by 11:59 PM EDT on Wednesday, June 25th. Then check back on Monday, June 30th to see if you’ve won.

No purchase necessary! Many will enter, few will win! Good luck and have fun!

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