Can't license me love: Beatles tracks in games may be nixed by the band

It is their music, after all. They’ve historically been pretty slow to take advantage of new avenues of distributing their music, probably because the world is already mostly saturated with it. But Beatles reps were in talks with both MTV Games and Activision, so you could be singing selections from their catalog in Guitar Hero or Rock Band some time soon.

The thing is, it first has to be approved by the Apple Corps, made up of Paul, Ringo, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison, and that’ll be a tough sell. I would imagine they’d be skeptical of the artistic worth of a game where their songs can be played any which way and modified far beyond their original state. Boy, if “I Feel Fine” was in the song list of one of these games, I might actually have to start playing. The drum parts should be pretty easy (take that, Ringo).