UK sorely lacking properly educated game developers


Where have all the [UK] game designers gone? Not to a proper school, apparently.

Yup, a new report out of the North East shows that there aren’t nearly enough accredited universities in Britain to properly feed the growing video games industry. Too many students are obtaining too many Mickey Mouse degrees from no-name universities, often without the hard math and science background required for a successful career.

Additionally, it seems some folks think that a career in games is an easy one. “Oh, I’ll play video games all day.” No, you won’t. Even if you did, odds are you’d tire of it rather quickly.

Any game programmers in the audience? Were your classes filled with no-knowthing (not the political organization!) hacks? I’m not a programmer, nor did I have a passion for math in high school, so I have no idea what that “scene” is like.

Image from Flickr