United to iPodify its flights with video


Looking to one-up Virgin America and the Linux-based RED in-flight entertainment systems, United said yesterday it’s rolling out iPod -connected video and audio systems into the seat backs of its airplanes.

Using a standard dock connector, passengers will be able to watch their iPod’s content on a 15-inch screen right in front of their eyes. The iPods will charge at the same time, something many travelers have wanted for awhile.

The question isn’t the technology, it’s the content. Do you know what kinds of things people keep on their iPods? I’m not sure I want the guy next to me to be able to watch anything he wants on a screen that big right in front of me. Or that he’d want to see what I’ve got.

Recently on a flight from DC to San Francisco I finally got around to watching Bad Santa on my iPod Touch. That movie works on the small screen of the iPod, but I’d be nervous about a more visible showing. When do you think the first drunk guy will be kicked off a plane for showing his porn?