Contest: We're giving away three 'GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power' rechargeable battery packs


In the spirit of summertime travel, IOGEAR has given us three GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power systems to give away. Each kit consists of a lightweight and rechargeable battery pack capable of recharging small devices like MP3 players and cell phones. The kits come with seven interchangeable power tips to charge devices that use Sony Ericsson, Samsung, USB, mini-USB, and Nokia ports.

To win, simply leave a comment at the end of this post with a short, quick story about the worst time one of your gadgets ran out of power. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with car trouble and a dead phone? Hired to take photos at a wedding when your camera’s battery ran dry? Grab a non-working flashlight before being chased through the woods? That kind of stuff.

We’ll pick the three best ones this Friday and ship the GearJuice kits out to the winning storytellers. Good luck and have fun.

UPDATE: The contest is over. Here are the winners. Congrats!


depends on how much you stretch the term gadget.

My first car used to like to play tricks on me. I would drive around doing what ever it is that kids do. and every now and then then engine just wouldn’t turn over. 3 of the 5 times it happened a friend was with me. We decided to pass time by hitting a tennis ball in the parking lot. After 10 minutes of playing I went back and tried the car, it started right up.

A while later it did it again, we played “tennis”, and the car started.

The 3rd time we hit the ball once, went back and the car started.

So if your car won’t start try tennis.

Jeff Spitters

Went camping a few years back – must have eaten a funny sausage cooked on the campfire cause I woke up at mid-night with a meatball emergency. Grabbed the flash-light to make a run for it…the thing ran out of juice along the way, got completely lost in the dark. Tripped in the dark and knocked my ass on a boulder. I did get to hit a Laundra-Land the next day…which is nice.


I was on hold with Microsoft in India for 2+ hours. The guy came on and my battery wend dead.