AT&T upgrades 3G network speeds, now up to 50% faster

att sierra 881 hsupa hsdpa laptop connect cardAT&T has upgraded its 3G data network, and the new speeds are something to behold. With the new upgrade, expected to be complete across the 3G network by the end of June, users of the LaptopConnect wireless Internet service will see speeds of up to 1.7Mbps, a 20% increase over the former downlink speed.

Uplink speeds get a boost, too, up to 50% in some areas, which translates to 1.2Mbps. These are seriously fast connection speeds, rivaling T1 lines and most home DSL. They’re fast enough to watch streaming video or even download large movies off the Internet, all while staying mobile.

Not only that, but AT&T has plans to roll out its fast 3G coverage to 100 more metro areas this year, bringing the total up to 350 areas. That would give it the largest and fastest 3G footprint in the US, and put it in good position for LTE, or 4G, in the next couple years.