Nintendo Japan starts new wireless data service for the DS

Nintendo started testing a new wireless data distribution service using DS consoles today. The company partnered up with a subsidiary of Japanese telecommunications powerhouse NTT and McDonald’s Japan. The burger giant is obviously bullish about the possibilities the Japanese mobile market offers.

The experiment at a total of 21 McDonald’s stores (all of which are located in Tokyo) will be conducted through June 28th. DS users will be able to download information on sales campaigns and McDonald’s products. Nintendo said demo versions of games will also be available for download.

In cooperation with NTT, Nintendo also offers information for download on train transfers, restaurants, the weather and other news at 20 train stations on the Tsukuba Express line, which connects Akihabara to Tsukuba in Ibaraki prefecture.

DS owners can use the service also in the trains themselves. The trial run will end December 28th. The service is called “Wifine for DS” and features an exclusive web site (Japanese only).