James Cameron bets big on 3D, says you'll love it everywhere

3dDirector James Cameron, maker of such amazing films as Terminator and The Abyss, has spent years and millions developing 3D cinema technology, rumored to be a driving force behind the film Avatar he’s been working on since the beginning of time. But he wants you to know that it’s not just about movies, the technology could be used in many other ways.

He points out that by using stereo digital projectors, you can actually broadcast things in 3D live, such as sporting events and other activities. But is it the next big thing? Cameron thinks so, and he might be right.

At CES this year, we saw much ado about 3D technology, some of it was actually quite impressive. If this is the infancy of the 3D revolution, then we can’t wait to see what happens next, like in-home, glasses-free 3D TV for about the same as a standard HDTV. And gaming. We’ll take it.