Pregnant women, beware: Cellphones linked childhood behavioral problems


A new study has found links between cellphone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems in children later in life. Just the type of news the cellphone industry wants to hear, I’m sure.

The study, conducted by UCLA and a Danish university, sampled some 13,000 kids. It found that children whose mothers had used a cellphone “two or three” times a day had increased likelihoods of developing things like hyperactivity and “difficulties with conduct, emotions and relationships by the time they reached school age.” (Doesn’t that describe pretty much every kid, though?) Heaven help children who use cellphones before age 7, though, since the same study found that early use of cellphones also contributes to behavioral problems.

Here’s the best part: scientists have no idea how to explain biologically this causal relationship! It might be because women who are likely to use cellphones are busybodies and spend less time with their children, but that’s just a guess.

Enjoy your day.