CrunchArcade: Youth Without Youth: 2.8% of Japanese schoolchildren play sexually explicit video games

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Recently released stats from Japan show that 2.8 percent of Japanese fifth graders play games with sexually explicit themes. As an American, conditioned to love and revere violence but squirm at the notion of sex, doesn’t this news shock and upset you? Like, we should file a petition against those 2.8 percent of kids for sinning before they’re old enough to get a divorce, which is the way Things Ought to be Done.

Other fun stats:

• 95 percent of fifth graders have a video game console

• Action games (including fighting games) are most popular, with 30.9 of elementary school students preferring the genre. RPGs come in second, 28.4 percent

No more “fun” stats, really, unless you know what “London Hearts” is.

via Kotaku