Brainwave-monitor stuffed into a baseball hat


Scientists in Taiwan, China have developed a electroencephalogram signal-monitoring device that fits inside a baseball hat. Hence, absolutely hilarious headlines like “A baseball cap that reads your mind.” They went to the trouble to develop the kit in order to make it easier to study people’s reactions in various situations. For example, to study people’s driving behavior when drowsy. How it works:

The cap contains five embedded dry electrodes on the wearer’s forehead, and one electrode behind the left ear, that acquire EEG signals. Then, the EEG signals are wirelessly transmitted to a data receiver, where they are processed in real-time by a dual-core processor…. Next, the processed signals are transmitted back to the cap, where the data can be stored, displayed in real-time on a screen, or be used to trigger an audio warning, if necessary.

A tremendously exciting development, no doubt, but I do wonder how the 3G iPhone relates to all this.