AT&T has best 3G network in tri-state area

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Computer World decided to trial the three major 3G networks to see who was king. Dongles from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint were used with a Lenovo X300 across 500 data points in eight different locations throughout NY, NJ and CT within 50 miles of midtown Manhattan. AT&T averaged 755kbps download and 484kbps upload speeds with a peak of 1.6Mbps using a Sierra Wireless’ USBConnect 881 dongle. Sprint’s coverage was tested using a U727, which I’ve been using quite a bit in the last few months, and only averaged 494kbps with an upload of 294kbps. It topped out at 1.2Mbps. Verizon faired a little better than Sprint but below AT&T with a median of 592kbps down and 232kbps up. The Sierra Wireless USB AirCard 595U managed to top out at 1.3Mbps.

Looks like AT&T is the winner round these parts. I’ve used both Verizon and Sprint in the past, but never AT&T, so I can’t throw in my own two cents, but maybe one of you has. Care to share?