Stream WFMU Radio to your iPhone via web app

WFMU Radio on the iPhone

New Jersey’s WFMU (arguably one of the best radio stations in the country) is now streaming to iPhones and iPod Touches via a web app.

As it’s a web app and not a full blown application, it’s available to everyone – including all twelve people who still haven’t jailbroken their iPhones. The stream comes in two flavors: 128k for streaming over a WiFi connection, and 32k for EDGE. You can also listen to a number of the station’s podcasts.

While continuous streaming solutions (e.g. iRadio, MobileScrobbler) have been available on jailbroken iPhones for a while, WFMU is the first to offer a radio stream to vanilla devices.

To tune in, point your iPhone or iPod Touch to