CrunchArcade: Calling out the Parents Television Council for saying you get 'drunk driving' points in GTA IV


Two reasons why this article, “You get points for driving drunk in this game,” merits your attention. One, the author, Phil Villarreal, totally calls out a director of the Parents Television Council, the no-fun group that, for whatever reason, doesn’t want children playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto IV. Two, his name is Villarreal, the name of the subcampĂ©on of La Liga this year.

After a bit of this and that, Villarreal plainly asks the director, one Dan Isett, if he’s even played the game.

Did he?

Technically, yes, though his knowledge of the game is suspect. He says you get “points” for drink-driving, which doesn’t even make sense. Not that he “got that far,” you know, to the part of the game when Niko gets behind the wheel after having one too many; he’s going on assumptions and things he’s heard.

Isett “enjoy[s] video games,” much in the same way that I enjoy riding the 7 train. Which is to say I don’t.

So good luck to parents taking their cues from the PTC. They seem like they’re on the straight-and-narrow.