Pioneer's "absolute black" feature sounds sinister but effective

The new KURO line of TVs from Pioneer have one thing in mind: blackness. I’m okay with that. They say that the new line of KUROs has blacks several times deeper than the last line, though at this point I start wondering whether we’re getting diminishing returns; one can only see so much black. I think it’s a “see for yourself” kind of thing, and I look forward to it. They also have ambient light sensing capability and a few sound modes, although I don’t trust my TV to do anything with my sound.

Update: A separate press release for their “absolute black” monitors is here, but to be honest I see very little difference between the monitors and the HDTVs, since the hardest specs in the release are “near flawless” and “pristine.” The monitors have TBA prices, which probably means “expensive,” so they probably have better color reproduction.