Hands-on with SteelSeries' gear lineup

SteelSeries is an established brand over on the other side of the pond, and their gear is respected among pro and enthusiast gamers — there are even SteelSeries -sponsored clans and teams. Now the company is bringing their game over here and I have been so lucky as to get a good look at their full range of stuff. Look for full reviews later, but for now, if you’re curious, there’s snippets inside. Click below for more.

Well, first (and newest) you have their 7G keyboard, pictured above. This thing is solid as hell and has no frills other than some media control keys, and even they are integrated into the thing. It’s got unlimited keys-down and those keys are rated for 10 times the lasting power as regular keyboards.

The Ikari Laser Mouse is their flagship mouse (left), and while the shape is weird to look at, I’m finding it pretty decent for my hand. Great finish, and it feels very solid as well.

I have two pairs of headphones, one around the neck and one over the head. They look professional and they have a built-in mic which has worked good so far. The sound is really different between them, though, I’ll get into that in the review.

clickyThey have a ton of gaming “surfaces” which, depending on your mouse and your taste, may or may not work for you. I have glass, plastic and cloth to choose from and so far the cloth is the most to my taste. If you really throw that mouse around, they have some truly enormous ones, like half the size of your desk.

I’ll have way more in the full reviews of these things. Just thought we should let you know they’re out there. There’s more info at SteelSeries’ site.