Hello, Mr. G Raff: Text prank warms cockles, heart

Someone sent out thousands of text messages encouraging recipients to call Mr. G. Raff and a number of other animals at the Houston Zoo. The message includes the number to the Zoo’s main switchboard. No one knows who set up the prank, but the giraffe is already set up on two dates with nice ladies from the Houston area and could be mating shortly.

UPDATE – More information straight from the emu’s mouth. The Houston Zoo just emailed us:

Actually, if you picked up the story from Dial-a-Phone they didn’t get it quite right. It was Dublin Zoo that received calls related to hoax text messages that told recipients G. Raff or Anna Conda wanted to talk to them. At Houston Zoo our text messages were all variations of the “Somebody’s looking for you” theme. Go to www.chron.com to see the Houston Chronicle’s story about our hoax text message experience.