Morons film selves smoking up, return camera to store, are discovered by all of us

My buddy Scott in Ohio bought a PureDigital Flip. It was in an open box — it had been returned but he figured he could pop by his local Best Buy and return it if there were any problems. He started to use it and found about 40 minutes of it taken up by previously recorded video.

He popped in the recorder and found three videos, all called “Smoking” or something similar. On the recorder he found video of some kids having a super time puffing on some doobage. As Scott’s friend observed, “That should be an anti-drug commercial. ‘Do you really want to be like these douches?'”

For those not in the know, you need to empty the trash can before you eject a USB drive and/or not film yourself recreating “Inside the Actor’s Studio with Chris Farley.” I for one deleted all the video of me drinking Boone’s and smoking Swisher Sweets that I filmed last weekend.

Check out the rest of the films here.