Iron Man a strong start to overall cinematic Marvel universe

UltimateFuryDo you know what I did this last weekend? Besides attending the awesome CrunchGear reader meet-up in New York, my co-bloggers Peter and Devin and I attended a screening of Iron Man, and it was awesome. For reals, the movie is just great.

Marvel is setting up a Marvel Universe on film. It was rumored that Samuel L. Jackson would make an appearance as Nick Fury in Iron Man, as he does in the new Hulk feature a few weeks out. He didn’t, and we were disappointed as we left the theater. Then I got a text message from Devin last night, saying “Nick Fury is after the credits!” He is!

Hit the jump to see the video, and to see what Marvel has in store for us for the next couple of years.

Yes, he said the Avenger Initiative. And that part about a larger universe is telling. See, Marvel has a Thor film in pre-production, they’re looking for the perfect actor, something they did well with Iron Man. The Incredible Hulk comes out soon. And there’s a Captain America film coming as well.

All of these movies will take place in the same universe, with Nick Fury as a common thread. They’re making headway towards an Avengers film, and it will be awesome.

At least better than this.