RSS Reader News Alloy To Join The Deadpool

RSS Reader News Alloy is to shut due to a lack of funding. Michael first reviewed the site in January 2006 and it was mentioned again in a round up of RSS Readers later that year.

The following email was sent to News Alloy users:

You received this email because you are registered user of News Alloy Project – Web2.0 based Feed Reader. (

Bad times finally came, my contract with our hosting provider is over so i will shut down the site in a couple of days, please grab your OPML for your convenience.

Future plans:

If you are interested for project to stay alive and get it under your wing please contact me, we need new dedicated hosting (quite powerful).
In case you want to get full ownership of the domain and grab all sources feel free to ask. It will cost not that much as fat cats are asking.

Also i’ve developed new version about 6 months ago which is half ready – News Alloy 2.0.
It looks much brighter, faster, pure Javascript UI, rich featured and impressive look and feel. But to make it complete i need funding. Thats for sure.
If You want to have look – please let me know to get an invitation.

If none is interested i will put other project on the top of News Alloy domain.

Please keep in mind that News Alloy project was developed by one single person who was in charge of everything – coding, design, promo and PR.

Now I’m open for interesting contracts and custom jobs in the area of web development and system administration.

Thank you for staying with us,
Volodymyr Danylyuk,
Project Developer and Maintainer

I’ve never used News Alloy before so I’m not sure that it’s worth saving, but it might be a cheap entry into a ready made startup, or a decent value add for an existing company.

Until its saved, News Alloy joins the TechCrunch Deadpool.