'Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff' coming this fall on Nintendo DS


Tecmo Bowl! It’s coming to the Nintendo DS sometime this fall. EA has a lock on NFL licensing until 2012, so the teams and players in “Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff,” as it’ll be called, will likely have names like the Las Vegas Legends and the New York T-Bones or what have you.

Details are scant, except for the gorgeous logo shown above. Ars Technica reports that…

“Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff will include a number of different features released, including: customizable teams (colors, emblems, player names,etc.), WiFI multiplayer, stylus control, 32 different teams, cutscenes, and more. Unfortunately, like the original game, this version will not have an NFL license. But with what looks like some in-depth customization features, players should be able to recreate whatever teams and leagues they want to play as fairly easily.”

…while I report that sometime this fall, I’ll be trying find my DS so’s I can play me some Tecmo Bowl.