Meet HawkEye, the sobriety-determining handheld

feature ajs04.1Because police don’t have enough ways to ruin my weekend, a company called AcuNetx (I spelled that right) has developed a device called the HawkEye, a non-invasive device that scans the eyes of drivers to tell their intoxication levels.

It’s not meant for field stops so much as checkpoints, which are illegal in many states, and requires a laptop and hand-held device to operate. It detects movements of the pupils as they react to certain stimuli to determine sobriety levels.

The HawkEye itself can’t exactly determine the BOC, something needed as evidence, but will give probable cause for a full field test.

You teetotalers have nothing to fear, but those of us with lives are keeping a wary on the fun-killing Big Brother. Personally, I find it offensive that they would attempt to interfere with my goal of endorsing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happy hour.