Friends Reunited relaunches, threatens several startups

The venerable FriendsReunited, one of the the oldest social networks in the UK, has relaunched as a free social network containing features which will have a direct impact on several niche social startups, specifically Miomi and Rememble, which are both pushing the “digital lifestyle aggregation” as a feature.

Rememble is a bootstrapped startup but Miomi is a larger venture backed by Brightstation Ventures and created by three German developers and headed up by CEO Jonny Crowe. Both were launched last year.

Both sites feature timelines where you drop in life events, as well as share content like photos – exactly the same feature at Friends Reunited has added (see video, after the jump, which I have manually encoded so it will auto-play, apologies – FR don’t have a properly embedable version the video is annoying!).

Friends Reunited was sold to TV broadcaster ITV in 2005 for £120m.