Every UK VC deal in 2007

I’ve decided to go the whole hog and pull out the whole of 2007’s list of VC investments in tech companies, as compiled by CalibreOne recently. Over the next few days and weeks I’m going to delve into what happened to a few of these firms, a large number of which are the kinds of companies TechCrunch would take an interest in. But for now, feast your eyes on a year’s worth (all in dollars) of venture capital in the UK (after the jump, and I’ll do the same for Ireland shortly).

Q1 2007

Month – Company – Total ($US) – Investors

3-Jan Plastic Logic 100,000,000 Amadeus Capital Partners, Bank of America, BASF Venture Capital,
Intel Capital, Merifin Capital, Oak Investment Partners, Quest for Growth, Tudor Ventures

5-Jan G-T-P Group 2,010,000 Seraphim Capital

5-Jan PrecisionPoint Software 1,950,000 Herald Ventures

9-Jan OpenCloud 10,250,000 Advent Venture Partners, Motorola Ventures, No 8 Ventures

9-Jan Truphone 24,500,000 Wellington Partners Venture Capital (Lead), Eden Ventures, Individuals

10-Jan Mobango 2,605,220 Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures (Lead)

17-Jan Frontier Silicon 32,428,000 Mitsui, Cheyne, Plutus, Apax, GLG, ACT, Alta Berkeley, BlueRun

17-Jan Intellistream 685,000 Angel Investors, Guides Venture Partners

19-Jan Calon 1,206,000 Finance Wales

19-Jan Datanomic 6,566,000 3i, DN Capital, Non-disclosed investors

19-Jan Player X 5,000,000 Arts Alliance, Nordic Venture Partners

19-Jan Presence Networks 502,500 The Capitel Fund

19-Jan Silistix 6,298,000 Intel Capital, British Smaller Technology Companies, The Northwest Business Investment Scheme, Seven Spires Investment, and The Manchester Technology Fund.

22-Jan Cambridge Broadband 22,500,000 Accel Partners, Adara, Amadeus Capital Partners, TVM Capital

24-Jan ApplianSys 1,259,600 London Technology Fund, The Capital Fund, Business angels

25-Jan Utarget 5,092,000 Foresight Venture Partners

26-Jan Dynmark 984,000 Individuals, YFM Group (Yorkshire Fund Managers)

27-Jan Cellcrypt 3,216,000 Synergis Seed Fund

27-Jan MarketClusters 3,082,000 NewMedia SPARK, private investors

29-Jan Shiny Media 4,500,000 Bright Station Ventures (Lead)

29-Jan Skinkers 3,919,840 NewMedia SPARK (Lead)

30-Jan Nujira 9,800,000 3i Group, Amadeus Capital Partners, Cambridge Angels, Cambridge Capital Group, Cambridge Gateway Fund (NW Brown Capital Partners)

1-Feb The Fizzback Group 5,092,000 Advent Venture Partners

2-Feb Intense Undisclosed 3i, Esprit Capital Partners, FNI, and Alice. Scottish Enterprise

5-Feb iXpert 154,100 MSIF, RBS, Business Liverpool

7-Feb AePONA 10,000,000 Amadeus Capital Partners, Polaris Venture Partners, Trinity Venture Capital

7-Feb Zoomf.com Undisclosed HOWZAT media

9-Feb Complinet Undisclosed NewMedia SPARK

9-Feb iSporty Undisclosed NewMedia SPARK

9-Feb Zubka Undisclosed Benchmark Capital

12-Feb AuPix 1,045,200 YFM Group, Management, existing investors, private investor

12-Feb Notonthehighstreet.com Undisclosed NewMedia SPARK

12-Feb OchreSoft 1,206,000 Existing investors, YFM Group

12-Feb Picsel Technologies 46,500,000 DCM-Doll Capital Management, NIF Ventures, SBI Group, SMBC Capital

13-Feb CMM Technology 296,810 Andy Jones

13-Feb ip.access 10,000,000 Amadeus Capital Partners (Lead), Intel Capital, Rothschild Gestion,
Scottish Equity Partners

16-Feb Rocela 2,010,000 Bank of Scotland Corporate

19-Feb DataLase 9,782,000 MTI Partners, BASF Venture Capital, Hotbed

19-Feb Iconium Undisclosed The Capital Fund

19-Feb Revolymer 4,020,000 Swarraton Partners, Top Technology Ventures, IP Group, Management

20-Feb Ateeda Undisclosed Peter Denyer, Scottish Seed Fund, Synergy Fund, University of

20-Feb ScanSafe 15,000,000 Scale Venture Partners (Lead), Benchmark Capital

22-Feb ZBD Displays 20,100,000 Lansdowne Partners, Esprit Capital, Prelude, QinetiQ, Dow Chemical, TTP

23-Feb OOL Undisclosed MDA

27-Feb Streetcar 12,596,000 Smedvig Capital

1-Mar Fizzback 5,000,000 Advent Venture Partners (Lead)

2-Mar TrustedPlaces 1,000,000 HOWZAT Media Fund

7-Mar Rostima 3,851,260 Close Ventures, Individuals, Oxford Capital Partners

12-Mar AlertMe.com 9,664,000 Tudor Ventures (Lead)

13-Mar Short Fuze 2,000,000 Create Partners, GEIF Ventures

15-Mar Trampoline Systems 5,786,490 Tudor Ventures

19-Mar Zopa 12,900,000 Bessemer Venture Partners (Lead), Benchmark Capital, Wellington Partners Venture Capital

23-Mar Fortress Technologies 4,170,000 Liberty Venture Partners (Lead)

23-Mar Tribold 15,000,000 Esprit Capital Partners (Lead), Eden Ventures

27-Mar Eykona Technologies Undisclosed H2O Venture Partners

Total capital invested: 445,528,020

Total number of investments for the quarter: 55
(including undisclosed investments)

Average investment: 9,900,623

Total number of undisclosed investments: 10

Q2 2007

Month – Company – Total ($US) – Investors

5-Apr PointOV 1,580,000 Angel Investors, NorthStar Equity Investors

10-Apr World-Check Undisclosed Spectrum Equity Investors and HarbourVest Partners

18-Apr Cash4All 4,352,000 Hotbed

19-Apr Osoyou.com 2,000,000 Bright Station Ventures

20-Apr iSporty Undisclosed NewMedia SPARK

20-Apr Complinet Undisclosed NewMedia SPARK (Lead)

20-Apr Gambling Compliance Undisclosed NewMedia SPARK

20-Apr Notonthehighstreet.com Undisclosed NewMedia SPARK (Lead)

23-Apr Moveme.com 2,000,000 Accelerator, Advent Venture Partners, Individuals

24-Apr XConnect Global Networks 12,000,000 Accel Partners, Grazia Equity, Venrock

25-Apr Gordon Murray Design 10,000,000 Mohr Davidow Ventures

26-Apr Garlik 6,000,000 3i Group, Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures

26-Apr Unanimis Consulting 3,944,000 NewMedia Spark

1-May Everyclick.com 2,992,000 Lochside, Fleming Family

4-May Edinburgh Robotics 496,400 Braveheart

4-May Properazzi Undisclosed Mangrove Capital Partners

8-May VideoJug 20,264,000 Sloane Robinson, private investors

9-May DEM Solutions 3,944,000 Sigma Capital, Scottish Enterprise, NewMedia Spark

10-May Infoflow 258,400 Viking Fund, Private Investors

14-May Cometa Wireless 2,040,000 Mfusion, Business Angels

14-May mySupermarket 6,000,000 Greylock Partners, Pitango Venture Capital

15-May Geonix Tracking 496,400 South West Ventures Fund

18-May IXICO 4,896,000 Imperial Innovations, The Capital Group

24-May VQ Communications 503,200 South West Ventures Fund, Private Investor, Mangement

25-May Telepartner 7,000,000 New Venture Partners (Lead)

29-May Two Way TV 10,600,000 Ingenious Ventures (Lead)

1-Jun Travel Intelligence Undisclosed Saints (Lead)

4-Jun Seatwave 8,000,000 Mangrove Capital Partners (Lead), Atlas Venture, Individuals

6-Jun Point 35 Microstructures 4,216,000 Close Ventures

6-Jun Nanotech Semiconductor 2,500,000 Atlantic Bridge Ventures, Nanotech Semiconductor, Pond Venture Partners

11-Jun In2Games 15,504,000 Ingenious Media Active Capital

12-Jun Openads 5,000,000 First Round Capital, Index Ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners,
O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

13-Jun Clash-Media 4,080,000 MMC Ventures

14-Jun Spiral Gateway 646,000 Braveheart

14-Jun Nevis Engine Undisclosed Undisclosed

18-Jun H2O Networks Undisclosed Coalfields Enterprise Fund

19-Jun PSI Electronics 503,200 Braveheart

19-Jun StyleShake Undisclosed Lightspeed-Gemini Internet Lab (LGiLab)

21-Jun Sanoodi 714,000 Private Investors

21-Jun Handmade Mobile 3,981,220 Seraphim Partners (Lead), Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures Entertainment

21-Jun picoChip Designs 27,000,000 Highland Capital Partners (Lead), Undisclosed

27-Jun Wonga 6,000,000 Balderton Capital

Total capital invested: 179,510,820

Total number of investments for the quarter: 42
(including undisclosed investments)

Average investment: 5,609,713

Total number of undisclosed investments: 10

Q3 2007

Month – Company – Total ($US) – Investors

2-Jul Mirifice 500,000 YFM Group (Yorkshire Fund Managers)

3-Jul Mirics Semiconductor 10,000,000 Intel Capital (Lead), Pond Venture Partners

3-Jul AdJug 2,000,000 Balderton Capital (Lead), Individuals

4-Jul Innovantage Undisclosed Finance Wales

5-Jul KashFlow Undisclosed Lord Young of Graffham

6-Jul Spikes Cavell 1,362,240 IQ Capital, Andrew Rickman

6-Jul HR4UK.com Undisclosed East Midlands Early Growth Stage

6-Jul TrackaPhone 418,605 North East Equity Matching Fund, private investor

9-Jul BitLogistics Undisclosed Individuals, Lunatech Ventures

10-Jul Celona Technologies 14,100,000 Caledonia Financial (Lead)

11-Jul Polymertronics 425,700 Business Angels

11-Jul CInergy 1,419,000 The Capital Fund, Business Angels

12-Jul Harmony Media Group 4,465,050 Beringea (Lead)

12-Jul Mtivity 7,111,340 Albany Venture Managers, Hotbed, YFM Group (Yorkshire Fund Managers)

13-Jul Process Systems Enterprise 3,047,000 Close Ventures

17-Jul OnRelay Undisclosed NW Brown

19-Jul Warwick Audio Technologies 1,064,250 Porton Capital, Synergis, Mercia

19-Jul OrderWork Undisclosed Wellington Partners

20-Jul Ubiquisys 25,000,000 Accel Partners, Advent Venture Partners, Atlas Venture, Google

23-Jul Glasses Direct 6,101,700 Index Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Accelerator

24-Jul Point 35 Microstructures 4,300,000 Close Ventures

24-Jul PINoptic Undisclosed Business Angels

30-Jul Teletoddler 943,635 South Yorkshire Investment Fund (SYIF), Coalfields Enterprise Fund

7-Aug IT247.com 2,554,200 Rising Stars Growth Fund, North West Equity Fund, Liverpool Seed Fund, management, private investors

7-Aug Viagogo 30,000,000 Index Ventures, Individuals

13-Aug Enigmatec 12,500,000 Amadeus Capital Partners, Herald Ventures, Individuals, Pentech Ventures

14-Aug weComm 6,100,000 Elderstreet Investments, Frontiers Capital

14-Aug Inxstor 1,210,000 Braveheart Ventures, Individuals, Scottish Co-investment Fund

17-Aug Vision RT 500,000 YFM Group (Yorkshire Fund Managers)

20-Aug Small World 4,800,000 MMC Ventures (Lead)

21-Aug Exabre 5,000,000 Eden Ventures (Lead), Individuals

31-Aug BytePlay Undisclosed Arts Alliance, Others

6-Sep Ideaworks3D Undisclosed Japan Asia Investment Company (JAIC) (Lead)

6-Sep XMOS 16,000,000 Foundation Capital (Lead), Amadeus Capital Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ)

1-Aug Nexeon 8,939,700 Imperial Innovations Group, Tudor Group, PUK Ventures, Paul Atherton

4-Sep Solarcentury 27,239,490 Foursome Investments, Good Energies, Scottish & Southern Energy,
VantagePoint Venture Partners, Zouk Ventures

19-Sep Emote Games 8,060,000 Cognetas (Lead)

21-Sep imagini Undisclosed Northzone Ventures, Others

25-Sep Trutap 6,500,000 Tudor Ventures (Lead)

7-Aug MindWeavers 1,163,580 Undisclosed

7-Aug PNMSoft 3,405,600 Goldrock

19-Aug Texperts 2,696,100 Odey Asset Management, undisclosed investors

21-Aug Intempo Digital 3,831,300 Hotbed

20-Aug Traak Systems 212,850 Braveheart Ventures

14-Aug Durham Scientific Crystals 7,378,800 Undisclosed

14-Aug EditLite 624,360 Merseyside Special Investment Fund

4-Sep Sharpcards 3,121,800 Seraphim Capital

31-Aug SFX Technologies 2,412,300 Sigma Technology Venture Fund, Charlotte Capital Limited, Scottish Enterprise’s Scottish Co-Investment Fund, private individuals and management

18-Sep picoChip Designs Undisclosed Samsung

5-Sep Steak Media Undisclosed Beringea

17-Sep True Knowledge 1,227,435 Octopus Ventures

28-Sep MirriAd 4,000,000 Seraphim Capital (Lead), London Seed Capital

28-Sep GenSight 3,000,000 Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

Total capital invested: 244,736,035
Total number of investments for the quarter: 53
(including undisclosed investments)

Average investment: 5,969,172

Total number of undisclosed investments: 12

Q4 2007

Month – Company – Total ($US) – Investors

1-Oct Light Blue Optics 26,000,000 3i Group, Capital-E, Earlybird, NESTA

2-Oct Top Up TV Undisclosed Balderton Capital

9-Oct Perpetuum 10,692,000 Environmental Technologies Fund, Quester, Top Technology

14-Oct KidStart 2,970,000 Delta Partners

17-Oct Dynmark International Undisclosed South West Ventures Fund

19-Oct Imagestate 4,306,500 Beringea

23-Oct Gaming Alerts 423,225 Theo Paphitis

25-Oct Cambridge Semiconductor 26,000,000 3i Group (Lead), Carbon Trust, Scottish Equity Partners, TTP Ventures

30-Oct Skinkers 16,000,000 Acacia Venture Partners (Lead), Individuals, NewMedia SPARK

2-Nov Tag Games Undisclosed Individuals, Scottish Enterprise

6-Nov TickEx 1,485,000 Brinderson Holdings

6-Nov Applied Superconductor Ltd 2,753,520 North Star Equity Investors (NSEI), NEL Fund Managers and New Energy

7-Nov Celltick Technologies 8,500,000 Amadeus Capital Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners

13-Nov Huddle.net 4,000,000 Eden Ventures (Lead)

13-Nov So Protect Me 393,360 Merseyside Special Investment Fund

19-Nov Skyscanner 5,138,200 Scottish Equity Partners (Lead)

21-Nov RawFlow 3,100,000 Balderton Capital

23-Nov Golden Gekko Undisclosed Active Capital Partners (ACP)

23-Nov Mobiletrails 4,306,500 Hotbed

27-Nov Mi-Pay 3,718,980 Close Ventures (Lead)

28-Nov On the Beach Undisclosed ISIS Equity Partners (Lead)

3-Dec CopperEye 7,000,000 LMS Capital (Lead), In-Q-Tel

4-Dec BeCheeky.com Undisclosed YFM Group, Quentin Griffiths, Colin Black, Mark Blanford

7-Dec TBiConnect 683,100 YFM Group

12-Dec ensembli Undisclosed Enterprise Ventures, South Yorkshie Venture Fund, Viking Fund

12-Dec Karma Insurance 712,800 Enterprise Ventures, E-Synergy, Business Angels

17-Dec Teepix 1,633,500 Oxford Capital Partners

19-Dec Keisense 500,000 Connecticut Innovations

Total capital invested: 130,316,685

Total number of investments for the quarter: 28
(including undisclosed investments)

Average investment: 6,205,556

Total number of undisclosed investments: 7