Lowepro Primus AW is the most eco-friendly camera bag

scaled.Primus left IceAxe1
I’m really digging on Lowepro’s gear lately. The Fastpack I reviewed a couple months back is still in great shape. I’ve got the Flipside, which is fantastic. I still have to do a formal review on it, but it’s phenomenal.

Anyway, this being Green Week for us, I thought I’d share the Primus AW with you all. It’s Lowepro’s most eco-friendly pack and is geared towards the outdoor photog. It’s made from 51 percent post consumer recycled materials. It’s mostly made from a 100 percent post consumer recycled fabric called Cyclpet. Each of the Primus AW’s contain the equivalent of 22.6 pop bottles, which keeps .0034 cubic yards of landfill empty with each pack. With each bag being made from 51 percent recycled materials, Lowepro conserves 15,109 BTU’s of energy, .002 barrels of crude oil and .12 gallons of refined oil during the production process.

It’s rigged out for pro DSLRs, 1-2 extra flashes or lenses and a seam-sealed All-Weather Cover among other things. A portion of revenue from the Primus AW goes to support Polar Bears International and their continuing effort to save those cute and cuddly bears.

scaled.Primus Model Side