The 3G iPhone may look 'radically different'


Most of you are probably sick of all this “3G iPhone is coming, no wait it’s not… no wait it is!” but the (UK) Times has some new info the whet your appetite. In reporting on the difficulty Apple is having selling the iPhone in Europe, which jibes with reports from earlier today, the Times reports that many Europeans are waiting for the 3G version of the phone. In Europe, 3G isn’t seen as a luxury, but an everyday feature that most phones should have.

So, then, the info. Apple is said to have asked its its Asian suppliers to manufacture some 200,000 3G iPhones by May’s end; Apple wants 2 million iPhones ready by June when it’s expected to launch—WWDC?

Even juicier is reports that the iPhone will look “radically different”, possibly with a QWERTY keyboard. Analysts are all over the place, with some suggesting that Apple may eventually release several iPhone versions. That’s what Digg’s Kevin Rose said last month, too, for those of you who hang on his every word.