ChunkIt—Yet Another Search Plug-In. Yawn.

chunkit-logo.pngI am sorry, but making search better does not entail making me do more work. That seems to be the philosophy behind ChunkIt, a browser-plug-in that enhances your searches on Google, Yahoo, and other engines. It opens up a new pane that takes up half your screen and gives you a preview of the page behind each link, with a text summary (AKA “chunk”) and your keyword and similar concepts highlighted. It takes the idea of the visual preview that you see on Snap, SearchMe, or ManagedQ and replaces it with a text-heavy preview that forces you to skim through the chunk to see if the link is relevant. For my money, an actual image of what the page looks like usually conveys more information at a glance than a summary of the text.

ChunkIt debuts today in private beta as the latest product from TigerLogic,previously known as Raining Data Corporation, a money-losing enterprise data management software company. Check out the beta of ChunkIt and let us know what you think, but don’t expect it to redefine search as we know it.