CrunchArcade: UBS's new game like Guitar Hero for Beethoven!


When I was growing up there was a kid down the street named Daniel (not “Dan” or “Danny”, Daniel) who was my age but went to some fancy private school across town. We played with Daniel and he was nice enough, but his parents were the squarest people in the world. They were the kinds who wouldn’t let him play with toys that had guns, tied into movies or cartoons in any way, or did anything against their strict interpretation of the Bible, which meant we could play Space Explorer Awesome Astronauts, but we weren’t allowed to find alien lifeforms.

It sucked.

Later, I learned Daniel entered Yale at the age of 15 and graduated shortly after. He’s probably about 29 by now, and unless he’s married, I’m sure he’s still a virgin.

If we were kids now, Daniel would no doubt not be allowed to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band, they’d be too fast. But I know his parents would go for UBS Virtual Maestro, a game that’s like Guitar Hero, except you conduct a fake orchestra.

No, really.

It’s not ready for consoles yet, but you can play it in the lobbies of concert halls across the country. It’s touring across the country, and is sponsored by Swiss banking giant UBS to draw more interest to classical music.

I’m a huge Beethoven fan, but I’m not sure this would be much fun at all. But, then, I’m not Daniel.