NAB 2008: JVC launches new HD pro camcorder

hd200 left trimpac 500

It’s lovely Las Vegas, where NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, is just starting up. It’s one of the largest conventions in the world, rivaling CES in size and scope, but sadly the vast majority of the things on display are mind-numblingly boring to the average person.

JVC, though, has taken it upon itself to launch many new products at NAB today, including the GY-HD200UB camcorder, a pro-level camera that shoots in 720p native or can switch to 1080i at up to 60 fps at 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s widescreen to you.

What’s noteworthy is the camera can output its digital video as either a standard Quicktime file or, more interestingly, as an MPEG-2 transport stream. That’s the format your cable or satellite TV broadcasts at.

It’ll cost you $6000, so it’s not for the prosumer, but for the pros in the field, it looks to be a pretty nice package.