FCC fining big boxes for selling old-fashioned tele-video-conveyors

The FCC has announced that it has imposed fines on major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target for selling TVs that will not be functional once the switch from analog to digital television takes place next year. The companies were violating rules set up to prevent customers from unwillingly buying TVs that will not be compatible with the digital signals.

The fines included $992,000 against Wal-mart, $296,000 against Target, and $280,000 against Best Buy. The largest fine went to Sears for about $1.1 million. Wal-Mart said that all of its current products comply with FCC regulations, and that the fines were for previous violations.

The FCC requires that retailers place a label on or near the televisions sets that are unable to receive digital signals in order to inform customers before their purchase.

Many of the involved retailed have pledged to improve their policies regarding the FCC’s DTV transition program. Wal-Mart and Target say they have invested in training their employees and customers about the DTV transition