Help-Key: How to hack a guitar stomp box for Star Power in Rock Band

Help-Key is a column I write for CrunchGear that has hacks and how-tos so you can live a better life. I know, I’m an altruist. But sometimes I find someone else’s hack and think it’s better than anything I could come up with.

Such is Bashhh’s hack for a Rock Band guitar stomp box. This is an awesome idea and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first.

See, I’m a guitarist, I love to hack stuff, and I love Rock Band. This should be mine. Hat’s off, Bashhh.

The video above shows it in action, hit the jump to get the lowdown.

Bashhh had a problem with the Star Power implementation in his Rock Band Strat guitar. He was upset that the sensor was sometimes too sensitive, sometimes not sensitive enough. So he essentially took the accelerometer from an out-of-warranty guitar controller and put it into an old bass guitar stomp box.

Now, to get the extra points, instead of rockstar moves he hits the effects box, just like a pro musician.

Step-by-step on his site, and a video in action above. Very cool idea.

[UPDATE] So apparently we’ve killed Bashhh’s bandwidth, as his photos no longer show up. We’ll check back again later.