The Grid: Next-gen Internet 10,000 times faster than broadband


And to think Hickey was impressed with that new Comcast package. Big yawn right there.

Cern, where Web creator Tim Burners-Lee worked, has been working on an Internet replacement called The Grid that’s 10,000 times faster than broadband. I made a graph in Numbers to illustrate just how big 10,000 times is. It’s remarkable, really.

Built entirely out of modern fiber optics and routing technology, The Times says it’s capable of downloading entire feature films in seconds—even the fastest BitTorrent speeds I’ve seen still take more than an hour—and send the entire Rolling Stones catalogue from the UK to Japan in less than two seconds. Why you’d waste such a technology on the Rolling Stones, I don’t know.

The Grid is set to go live, at least in some capacity, this summer. Some 55,000 thousand Grid-capatible servers have already been installed around the world, with that number rising to 200,000 within the next two years.

Now we’ll all be rickrolled with lightning-fast speed.

via Drudge Report