Maryland's attorney general doesn't like paying $50 cellphone insurance policy fee


Those cellphone insurance policies you buy? You may have the Maryland Attorney General’s ignorance to thank if something happens to make them more “consumer-friendly.” So be sure to give Douglas Gansler an orange for Christmas this year.

The AG’s son recently lost his cellphone and when they called up the insurance company, Asurion Protection Services, to get a replacement, they were told they’d have to pay a $50 fee. Did we lose a war? Seems the fine print in the contract and all that makes it quite clear that replacement phones will come with a $50 service fee, and they may even be refurbished. Outrageous, right?

Sorta. Since he’s the AG and all, Gansler was able to force the insurance company to change its ways. (Never mind that he never read the fine print on the policy. Why be responsible when there’s government to save you?) From now on, in Maryland, Asurion will make insurance policy buyers sign something saying they’re aware of the service fee and all that. Even some sales reps will be “re-trained” to better inform you, the [Marylnad] cellphone buyer, or what you’re getting into.

Will other states force Asurion to adopt similar measures? Only if you file formal complaints when you feel you’ve been wronged by a shady insurance policy.