Lookery makes Euro social apps a tempting advertising offer

If you’re a European web application developer, especially for social networks, then you’ll probably be interested in this news. Lookery, a US startup that places ads on social apps inside social networks like Facebook and Bebo, offers a guaranteed ad rate for impressions on social apps. Today CEO Scott Rafer (standing next to announced to European web startups and developers attending The Next Web conference in Amsterdam (and 1,000 watching live online) that Lookery is offering an even higher rate on traffic from European countries.

Scott said: “If firms want to work with us exclusively on the European traffic to their applications such as on Facebook and Bebo, then we can guarantee 25 cents per thousand impressions per advert. There can be one or two ads per page, so up to 50 cents. They have to commit for 90 days minimum. We’re seeking another billion impressions from this.”

Lookery is really going for volume and this is a bold move to capture European traffic inside social networks. In the UK alone Facebook and Bebo have had huge success, and they are gradually growing in continental Europe. However, few local application developers are able to monetise right now.

(Picture: Scott Rafer (waving) with Kevin Rose and Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten of The Next Web)