Hands-on with the Kodak Z1085 IS


Kodak announced a number of entry- to mid-level point and shoots at CES and the Z1085 IS is one of the higher-end monsters. It is just now shipping and I got the chance to sit down with some Kodak folks to discuss what makes this model better than the rest. Basically, the camera performs considerably more post-processing on the pictures than competitors. We tested it a few times in backlit scenes and the effects were sometimes startling. For example, this shot of PHa was taken against a window. What initially appeared to be a fairly dark, blown out scene was instantly modified by the on-board software to a rather nice shot of a young blogger in the wild.

Expect a full review coming up but right now this model has a 10-megapixel sensor, 5X optical zoom, HD video recording, and it costs $249.95 online.

Hit the jump for a nicely repaired backlit photo. This was taken in auto mode without editing.