AdMob Reports on Smartphone Market Share

AdMob released a report today that tracks traffic percentages for Smartphones, trend data for the top five country markets and manufacturer market share trends. For every advertising request AdMob received in the month of February, AdMob analyzed information available in the user’s mobile browser.

AdMob’s report includes percentages of Smartphone traffic worldwide. The statistics culminated in data pulled from the following company’s Smartphones: RIM, Nokia, Palm, Apple, HTC, HP, MITAC, Samsung, T-Mobile, Motorola and others. According to AdMob’s data, RIM’s BlackBerry 8100 Smartphone has the greatest percentage of worldwide traffic with 34% of Smartphone traffic share. Nokia’s Smartphones followed in second with 29% share of the traffic and Motorola’s Smartphones came in last with 1% traffic share. In the United States, iPhone traffic flattened slightly during the month of February, consistent with the theory that people use new devices a great deal in January, only to have traffic slow down in the following months.

Manufacturer share trends were included in February’s report as well. Nokia held the top spot worldwide with 29.4% of ad requests, in India with 66.7%, South Africa with 35.5% and Indonesia with 49.3%. In the United States, Motorola was the top device manufacturer with 35% of all ad requests and, in the UK, SonyEriccson claimed the top spot with 37% of all ad requests.

“AdMob is constantly working to better classify our network traffic to help our advertisers target,” said Jason Spero, VP Marketing at AdMob. “The February report has seen the addition of a few new data features that we hope will further empower advertisers and developers to leverage the mobile web.”

AdMob’s February report also included new data from AdMob’s top five country markets – the US, India, the UK, South Africa and Indonesia. Individual country statistics do not follow consistently with overall worldwide data. The BlackBerry remains the Smartphone with the highest traffic in the United States with 39% of US Smartphone traffic share. In India, the UK, South Africa and Indonesia, however, Nokia’s Smartphones become the clear leaders with 89%, 67%, 89% and 86% Smartphone traffic share respectively. The top devices in AdMob’s top five markets remained the same: the Motorola KRZR in the US, Nokia 6030 in India, Motorola v360 in South Africa, SonyEriccson K800i in the UK and the Nokia 660 in Indonesia.