VoIP for Small Business from BT

BT and partner RingCentral will offer an Internet-based phone system in Great Britain that’s easy for small and medium sized business to configure and maintain. U.K. businesses will get a 0844 or 0844 main phone number, and calls can be routed to up to 50 extensions.

RingCentral’s software will allow businesses set up their own phone system with a professional feel without needing to make significant investments in hardware. The software works with mobile, landline and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.

A virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) can be configured through a Web-based interface. Tasks such as assigning voice lines, configuring voice mail and an interactive menu can easily be setup.

Customers can make or answer calls using either a real phone or through their PC by using RingCentral’s Desktop Call Controller. The interface allows users to see call logs and launch new calls with a single click by a contact’s name. Voice mail messages can also be delivered to a user’s email to be played through a PC’s speakers. A fax feature allows users to send faxes from Microsoft’s Office application or from a mobile phone.

The service costs 15 pounds a month, excluding VAT. Calls are charged per minute and rounded up or down to the nearest 30 second increment.