Dopplr releases new features

Dopplr has released the “Singapore” version of the site this week. Here are the details from their user newsletter. Two new features stand out:

1. More happy coincidences

Dopplr now informs you of “nearby” and “near-miss” coincidences. You can see when someone adds a trip to a place near where you’ll be, and see who you’ll just miss by a day or two. Anytime you coincide with someone you can send them email by simply clicking on the “Send email?” link on the trip page. Dopplr will then send the email on your behalf and you can take it from there. We hope that both these features will help you get more out of your trips.

2. Adding trips easier than ever with calendar imports

Many heavy travellers have requested that Dopplr should automatically import future trips from electronic calendars. This is now possible. For example if you use Google Calendar you can now set-up Dopplr to “listen” to your calendar and add future trips automatically. See this blog post for more:

Perhaps they have been stung by criticisms that adding future events is too much of a hassle? I rather doubt it. However, one wonders how much more the site can squeeze out of ‘optimising’ your travel and whether it will have to go more into social networking around the actual places and venues people visit in cities, pushing the ‘share tips’ feature it added a while back.