Look out Eee, a $399 tiny laptop from Everex is afoot

I found the VIA table last night, tucked way back in a corner and found out that Everex will begin selling an ultraportable Linux-based notebook similar to the one shown here. This one is from Packard Bell and runs XP — currently being sold in Europe — but the one we’ll be getting in the US within the next week or so will be manufactured by Everex and will run Linux. It’ll cost $399, too.

The processor is a VIA C7-M running at 1.2GHZ, there’s a gigabyte of RAM, a 30-gigabyte hard drive, almost four hours of battery life, 7-inch screen (not a touchscreen) and, get this, DVI out instead of 15-pin VGA out. I came back to this table three or four times throughout the night and I’m excited to see what Everex is able to do with it.