CrunchGear This Week

The week started out with a roar as Matt broke the news that American Airlines would be offering free wi-fi on its flights. It turned out not to be true (costs 10 bucks), but it was big. If you’re reading this on a Macbook with a tiny hard drive, Peter’s got you figured out – it turns out it’s not that hard to replace the HDD with a more spacious one. Devin ruffled some feathers suggesting that new laptops are for suckers in his Unreasonable Stance, and Nick got angry about getting Facebook spam. Hickey’s story on the Helio Ocean’s new Youtube app got dugg, and Biggs continued to stick it to the man as part of an ongoing series, The lies retailers tell. This week it was Monster Cable’s misleading ads – those filthy animals. And lastly there is the continuing coverage of the purchasing season with gift guides from all of us at CG – they’re all tagged with Holidays 2007 for your browsing convenience.