New Company kwiry Helps You Remember

If you have ever been out and about and come up with a great thought or idea but didn’t have any way to write it down, now you can use the free service from kwiry to help you remember all those thoughts in your head. If a great idea hits you, or you see something you want to learnMore_bubble_2.gifcheckout later, simply text it to 59479 (k-w-i-r-y) and it’s waiting for you at and in your email.

The service provided by kwiry should appeal to anyone who’s comfortable with texting and doesn’t want to be bothered with carrying a pen and paper around for when something pops into the head. The site lets you bring your community to (with friends, photos, and learnMore_bubble_1.gifcomments) or lets you bring your kwirys to your community (it works with facebook, iGoogle, myYahoo and others).

It won’t hurt to try this service. The cost you have to pay is your standard text messaging rates. Why let all those great thoughts go to waste? Maybe you’ll save an idea for a great learnMore_bubble_3.gifnovel or come up with an idea that lands you a big promotion.