Apple prepping new Cinema Displays as an early Xmas present?


If something disappears from the Apple store, it’s usually because there’s an upgrade right around the corner, and so we’re guessing it will go with Apple’s cinema displays, which have disappeared from the Apple store’s main page. You can still browse to them, but they’re no longer on the virtual end cap as they were before, a clue signifying an upgrade in imminent.

We’re guessing the sized (20-inch, 23-inch, and 30-inch) will remain the same, but with likely updates to the casing to match the new iMacs and a drop in price to better match the offerings of everybody else in the computer world.

The 20-inch display, for example, has the same resolution as most other 20-inch LCDs at 1680×1050, but with a $600 price tag, even though most go for around $230 elsewhere. There might be other updates, as well, such as iSight integration (likely), and HDMI support. LED backlighting is possible, too, but don’t look for a cheaper price tag if this happens.The only real question is: when will they show up? Today? Will the land quietly later this week? Or do we wait for MacWorld in January?

Apple removes displays from front page of store [ZDnet blogs]