Devin gives the gift of guiding others' gift-giving

dvp5140k_51__fp_.jpgsome awesome stuff, of course.

First of all, it’s time to lose that junky DVD player you bought at a garage sale in 2001. If you’re like me, you both A: have a ton of old videos, shows, and movies burned to DVDs, and B: don’t really feel like dropping the cash on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD right now, since all that’s available is Casino Royale and Extreme Dreidels. Good news: for $60 at Amazon you can pick up a Philips upconverting DVD player that will play all the anime you downloaded in college, and even upconvert it to 1080p.

shd9100.jpgOf course, not everyone wants to watch Evangelion all day like me – I mean you, so you’ll need to either watch it very quietly or rock out with a good pair of headphones. Philips has a pair of seriously sexy wireless headphones, but if you don’t have cash coming out your ears you’re better off with something around the $80-100 range, like these Sonys. They don’t look like much, but they’re supposed to sound fantastic; if you need to look cool while watching Dr. Quinn all by yourself, these are probably more your style – same price range, cooler look, but possibly unproven sound-wise. I’ve had good luck with Sony sound, though.

I personally watch my videos, legal and otherwise, on my beautiful Dell 2407WFP 24-in widescreen LCD monitor. If you’re in the market for a new monitor, or feel like surprising your lover with some hot tech, you can’t go wrong with this thing. I’m looking at it right now (obviously) and it’s bright, solid, sharp, and I have never had any trouble with bright blacks, ghosting, or anything. There’s a Its height is adjustable, and you can turn the whole thing 90 degrees so you can read comic books on it, or I guess do spreadsheets. It is expensive, though, and you can get the popular Samsung 226BW for about a third of the price, if you’re going for a stocking stuffer. On the other hand, if that Dell monitor isn’t expensive enough, and you have no shame, maybe you should think about plunking down the four and a half thousand dollars for a WoW-styled, fully loaded XPS laptop.


gamesmosaic.jpgSpeaking of stocking stuffers, I have to recommend a couple things for the PS3. I’ve been looking forward to Everyday Shooter for a long time as a shoot-em-up fan, and now that it’s a PSN game you can get it for the price of lunch (check out Super Stardust HD as well for more shootin’ action). And believe it or not you can also get Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as a downloadable as well.