plays to people's privacy concerns with AskEraser: Erases your search history from its servers


The last time I used to search for anything, the New England Patriots had a losing record. That was before Google came into its own, storing each and every one of my searches on its servers for all eternity. Now, seeing the heightened attention paid to privacy, has rolled out a new feature that will erase your searches from its servers—feel free to search “britney spears reading book.” One of’s vice presidents for Something or Other said the new feature, called AskEraser, was akin to a light switch. Once switched on, AskEraser will prevent your sensitive search information from finding a permanent home on its servers.

Yes, good for and all, but just know that some of the ads displays are handled by Google, which will not be deleting your personal information any time soon, AskEraser or not.

For me, it’s like this: until the default search on Safari is something other than Google, I’ll continue to send all my info to Mountain View. Puts a Bet on Privacy [New York Times]