That whole Microsoft HD DVD/Blu-ray/Kennedy Assasination thing? Crap.


Thank you, Michael Bay, for not totally ruining Transformers for us. Actually, it kinda kicked ass. And thank you again for stirring up Internet crapstorms about secret Microsoft conspiracies to kill both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

We’re calling “no way”, and so is Ars Technica, though they put it far more eloquently than I do. Microsoft wants HD-DVD, a format it’s backed with the Xbox 360.

If anyone wants the standard format for HD to be digital downloads, it’d be Apple. With the Apple TV, a distribution channel (iTunes), and a market footprint like a sasquatch, Cupertino’s the one who’s being mum on which disk it likes.

Debunking the Microsoft/HD DVD conspiracy theories [Ars]