What's Worse: Windows Vista or Paris Hilton?

vistahilton.jpgI always say that what makes two people friends is what they have in common, but I think it’s not about having similar likes, it’s about having similar dislikes. What you hate says a lot more about you than what you love. In that spirit, I bring you the first CrunchGear What’s Worse?, where we take something vile from the technology world and something dreadful from the rest of the world and ask you, the readers, the question: Which one do you hate more?

For our inaugural story, I’d like to know: which do you hate more, Windows Vista or Paris Hilton? Truly a heavyweight match if ever there was one. One only works on the most up-to-date hardware, the other only works in nightvision. One is a resource-sucking, over-rated, over-the-top waste of space, the other is an operating system. So I ask you, the readers, which is worse? Windows Vista or Paris Hilton? Begin the debate!

Don’t forget to include your email address when you comment, as one lucky winner will get a Creative Travelsound i50 iPod Shuffle speaker thing, picked at random on Monday the 3rd!