Partners Valimo and Gemalto Provide Safe Mobile Signature

valimo.gifGemalto, a digital security company, has partnered with Valimo, a mobile signature company, to create a secure mobile signature application for the mass market. Valimo’s Mobile Authentication Client (VMAC) will be put on Gemalto’s SIM (subscriber identity module) to provide customers with a safe way to sign documents electronically.

“We have seen a significant increase in interest from the telecommunications community for mobile signatures. Gemalto is the most reliable and experienced player in the field of mobile security and is at the forefront in providing the market with inventive and strong solutions for mobile authentication and signing” says Tapio Vailahti, Chief Executive Officer at Valimo. “We are proud that Gemalto embraced Valimo’s mobile
signature approach with the VMAC embedded in its SIM cards. With Gemalto
committed to the Valimo Mobile Authentication Client, I see good signs

A mobile signature is the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature on a document like a contract. The mobile phone acts as a pen for e-services that may require handwritten authentication and as a password provider. Things like online banking, internet check out and entry to corporate intranets from outside the office can be done over the phone without additional devices, software or passwords.

“Implementing the Valimo VMAC is a natural progressive step from Gemalto’s roll out of mobile signature schemes in Europe,” says Jean Francois Gros, Director Partner Solutions at Gemalto. “The Gemalto SIM cards will provide a state-of-the-art option for mobile operators who intend to roll out mobile signature services to their subscriber base. We consider that the whole SIM community should benefit from a best-of-breed
combination with respect to SIM cards and mobile signature applications”.