HP's "Dragon" laptop is too big for its britches


When is big too big? When does a laptop cease becoming a laptop and becomes a portable desktop? When does the word “portable” start to mean “maybe with three guys and a crane?”

Apparently now, thanks to HP and the new 20.1-inch laptop its calling “The Dragon .”

Bundled under the term “Extreme Multimedia,” the Dragon is just that: extreme. Nothing about this monster is ordinary, and I’m thinking it’s more than anyone really needs. But this is America, dammit, and we’re on the cusp of our annual disgusting consumer orgy, so we’ll let it go.

The size has the weight, of course, with the Dragon tipping the proverbial scales (dragons? scales? Geddit!?) at 15.5 pounds. I’ve had girlfriends who weighed less than this laptop (just kidding, Stephanie!).

The “laptop” supports up to a Core 2 Extreme Intel proc clocking in at 2.8GHz. That 20.1-inch display can be upgraded to support 1920×1200 for real 1080p playback. Up to 4GB of RAM is supported, and it features a 256 Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT GPU. Not bad, really. You can add a TV tuner if you so choose, and we would, thanks very much.

It’s large enough to support up to a half-terabyte of internal storage via a dual HD scheme. Wicked.

I could go on, but what’s the point? Like anyone reading CrunchGear can afford a $3000 laptop that requires a wheelbarrow to tote.

HP’s “The Dragon” [Product page, thanks, carl!]