Gilded Age: People and their bright ideas for 'Kindle 2.0' are jumping the gun (and shark)


Dude, Kindle hasn’t even been available for 24 hours, but people are already clamoring for “Kindle 2.0.” That really is awful. Give Bezos & Co. like, I don’t know, a couple of days, let the device make its way into consumers’ hands, before coming out with “WHAT WE WANT NEXT” post.

For the record, Bits demands a bigger color screen, better Web browser, touchscreen and audiobook support; I demand “Kindle 2.0” make me breakfast every morning without me having to remind it and for it to farm gold for me in WoW.

Good God, let Bezos have his time in the sun before churning out Digg-friendly, “good ideas.”

Wow that annoyed me.

Enough About Kindle 1.0. What About Kindle 2.0? [Bits New York Times Blog]