The Register says that someone told them that they heard May 2008 will bring us 3G iPhones

iphone_europe.jpgTelefonica, or at least a leaker within it, seems to know something the rest of us have been wondering about since the middle of summer: When, oh when will we see a 3G iPhone? The answer is less than a year from the launch of the current 2.5G version.

According to the Register, a SevenClick exec, who heard it from Telefonica, who heard it from Steve Jobs pool boy, who heard it from Bill Gates’ manicurist, who heard it from Mike Tyson’s parole officer, says that May of next year will see the launch of the 3G iPhone, at least in Europe.

So that means that we’re going to see it then by the latest, if the source is correct. We’ll probably get it before then, though, as we’re the USA, and we kick ass, and nobody had better mess with us. Again, that’s if this leak within a tip within a web post is remotely accurate, which we can’t say. But it’s interesting.

The Register says that May 2008 is a “reasonable time frame for such a device to be launched”. We say a reasonable time frame for a 3G iPhone would have been June 29th, 2007. But that’s just us.

iPhone to get 3G in May 2008 [The Register]